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(Korea Refugee Film Festival)

Korea Refugee Film Festival (KOREFF) is an annual, official event commemorating the UN-set World Refugee Day. It is hosted by the community of Korean refugee human rights organizations, the Refugee Human Rights Network, in order to reach and connect with citizens and refugees. The most accessible medium of film has been be used to introduce people to refugees’ stories, not through news or cases, but through their lives. Refugee activists and refugees in Korea themselves have selected movies for this cultural event.




The arrival of Yemeni refugees in 2018 brought the issue of refugees to the forefront of South Korean society for the first time. Although the country's refugee admission system has been in place since 1994, "refugees" were still a distant subject to the public, appearing only in public service announcements. Despite the fact that refugees have been living in our society for a long time, Korean society hasn't had the opportunity to naturally recognize them and show hospitality to each other. Hence, refugees were perceived as strangers who 'suddenly' appeared in our society.  


But refugees are no longer an either/or proposition, and it's time to think about how to live in solidarity with the refugees who are already living around us. We have refugees from Taliban-occupied Afghanistan, and we have refugees from Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. In particular, Afghan refugees who have collaborated with South Korea arrived in Korea last summer as "special contributors" and are now settling into local communities. As a society that is internationally responsible for protecting refugees, we are now at a point where we must consider and propose how to live with refugees who are already with us. What we truely need now is a sense of solidarity, a realization that we are all connected, and the courage to reach out to the suffering of others. Faces of Us : 우리의 얼굴들

Film List

아포리아 포스터.jpg


Director Ju-Hyoung Lee

Countries South Korea

Running Time 120mins

Rated PG-13

Released in 2023

Genre  Drama

Haleem, born in Aleppo, Syria. On February 2013, He plans to bring his wife and children back after fleeing from his home-country and settling in Germany where his younger sister resides. However, as he was laying over from South Korea, Haleem is discovered to possess a fake passport. After, he finds himself having to unexpectedly struggle in unfamiliar South Korea to find illegal works in order to meet his family...

A story about a person stuck in the midst of cultural, religious, ethnic, and national.

영화_터미널 포스터.jpg

The Terminal

Director  Steven Spielberg

Countries USA

Running Time 128mins

Rated G-rated

Released in 2004

Genre Comedy, Drama,

Unfortunately, the moment Viktor Navorski sets foot on JFK airport, he finds himself on the wrong end of a nasty technicality, as his homeland of Krakozhia has dissolved in violent upheaval, and as a result, his passport is now void. With plans of immigrating to New York, instead, Viktor is unauthorized to leave Kennedy Airport, and unable to return home, he is trapped within the walls of the terminal's international transit lounge. Now, Viktor is an annoying bureaucratic glitch, and even though the strict airport official, Frank Dixon, is feeling uncomfortable by his presence, other airport employees, including Amelia, a beautiful flight attendant, consider him a friend. Little by little, as the days turn into weeks, which turn into months, the bustling terminal becomes Viktor's new home: a country within a country, filled with dreams, hopes, and the need for love. When will Viktor reach his goal?

도도무 포스터


Director  Neil P. George

Countries Poland

Running Time 36mins

Rated G-rated

Released in 2022

Genre Documentary

In February 2022, Russia launched its full-scale war in Ukraine, triggering a mass exodus of people fleeing Ukraine to various countries across Europe.


"Dodomu," meaning "home" or "homeward bound" in Ukrainian, is a poignant documentary that follows the journey of three Ukrainian refugees as they navigate the challenges of starting anew in a foreign land.

The film offers a glimpse into the lives of the refugees, revealing their struggles to rebuild their lives in Poland and their hopes for the future. Through candid interviews and cinematic storytelling, the movie exposes the complexities of refugee matters and the difficult decisions that Ukrainians have had to make in the face of conflict.

As a National Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR and the film's narrator, Jung Woo-Sung brings a unique perspective to the film, examining the global plight of refugees and offering a call to action for viewers to empathize with their struggle and support those in need. Through powerful storytelling and intimate portraits of those affected by the war, "Dodomu" stands as a testament to the strength and resilience of the human spirit in times of crisis.

Special Screening

도움의 색깔_poster_최종.jpg

Do I belong?

Director  UkHyun Lim
               and 6 others

Countries South Korea

Relesed in 2023

Running Time 12mins

Rated G-rated

Genre Drama

Young-ho is a Korean high school student with a stuttered pronunciation. Max, a refugee, looks like a foreigner but blends in with the students.

‘Repeat after me, Young-ho. Liter-ature-book. Repeat after me Youngho!’. Max tries to help Young-ho with his stuttering pronunciation. However, Young-ho is frustrated by Max's unilateral help and coercion and at the end yells at him. ‘Gosh! You're not in a position to lecture me, are you?’. Max yells at Young-ho for refusing his help. ‘Do you hate getting help from me that much?’. Young-ho replies coldly. ‘’Would I like that?’.

A teacher who sees himself as someone who needs help. Young-ho, who doesn't accept his help. Max is fed up with the way people treat him. Max stumbles into the cafe and sees Young-ho again...

Information about buying tickets to 8th KOREFF

The KOREFF has been taking place annually with the voluntary participation of refugee rights activists and is a non-profit file festival which does not seek profits. Also, you will be able to enjoy booths where you can have a fun experience and buy unique souvenirs. Tickets for the 8th KOREFF can be purchased on Naver Happybean.

*Before you participate, please read the information below:

※  Section 1 includes a 10-minute opening ceremony. The movie starts at 10:10.


- Tickets and rewards will be distributed at the ticket booth (Megabox Seongsu, 3rd floor) on the day of the movie after checking the name and contact information of the ticket holder.

- Seats cannot be reserved in advance and will be available on a first-come, first-served basis at the door.

- Entry to the theater may be restricted depending on the rating of the screening.

- Refugee Film Festival films are screened on time and admission may be restricted after the start of the screening, so we recommend ticketing at least 30 minutes before the start of the screening.

- If you would like to use a wheelchair seat, please make sure to select that option during the ticketing process.



- Payments are refundable in case of cancellation up to one day before the screening date.

- We will prepare the film festival according to the number of tickets purchased in advance. If you are unable to attend the festival due to unforeseen circumstances after making a reservation, please contact the festival office on the day of the festival.



-  Parking fees will be settled based on the time of entry.

- 2.5 hours of free parking for watching a movie at KOREFF (2,000 won for additional 30 minutes after the free parking time / 1,000 won for each 10 minutes after 3 hours and 30 minutes)

- As parking spaces are limited and may be congested, please use public transportation whenever possible.

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