(Korea Refugee Film Festival)

Korea Refugee Film Festival (KOREFF) is one of the official annual events, to celebrate World Refugee Day, with the purpose of greeting peoples and refugees and bringing them together.
KOREFF is held with solidarity of Korea Refugee Rights Network and UNHCR Republic of Korea representative for Refugee’s right in Korea. KOREFF started 5 years ago and now became respectful human right film festival.
You can meet with refugees’ life not by news or articles, but through relatively more familiar media: movie. KOREFF prepared selected movies, meetings session with refugees in Korea and activists, and also cultural events coordinated solely by refugees themselves.

5th KOREFF Overview

The 5th Korea Refugee Film Festival, 2019


June 15th, 2019 (Sat) 10:40 – 19:50

Hosted by

Korea Refugee Rights Network & UNHCR Korea


Jongno Seoul Cinema 1F, 5F & 8F Auditorium H

Organized by

Advocates for Public Interest Law (APIL)

Sponsored by

Uniqlo Korea, Save the Children, Ansan Global Youth Support Center, The 21st Century Productions People


The 5th Korea Refugee Film Festival is named "I hear you." Listening to someone's story is the first step to coexistence and love because each story has its trajectory of their lives and thoughts. Refugees have different nationalities, political opinions, religions, races, sexual identities, sexual orientations, and reasons for becoming refugees.

Last year, the news of Yemeni asylum seekers who entered Jeju Island and applied for refugee status stirred up debate in Korean society. Even before Korea enacted the Refugee Act, there have already been people in Korea who fled persecution in their home countries. However, for the first time, the existence of refugees had actually become visible, and the Korean society, divided into pros and cons, continued the debate over them.

In such discussions, we seem to have neglected to hear the story of each refugee. Today refugees from different countries as well as Yemen are living here with us with their own stories. Now, let’s leave the controversies for a while and listen to stories of them who might be waiting to talk to you.
Korea Refugee Rights Network

Film List

Resistance is life

Welcome to Germany

Director  Apo. W. Bazidi

Country  Turkey/ United States

Year of production  2017

Runtime  1hr 13min

Resistance Is Life is a film that depicts Evlin, an 8-year-old girl living in a refugee camp on the Turkish-Syrian border, fighting for her homeland. Kurdish female fighters, Evlin's heroes, are defending their hometown Kobane from IS militants. Evlin takes us on a journey that introduces the different faces of resistance on both sides of the border, showing us the dominance of hope and resilience even in the most tragic situation.

Director  Simon Verhoeven

Country  Germany

Year of production  2016

Runtime  1hr 56min

An average middle-class Munich family decides to invite a refugee, Diallo from Nigeria, to live with them. Diallo quickly becomes a friend of the family. Despite this, he faces the difficulty of racism, bureaucracy, and the suspicion of terrorism from his neighbors.


Director  Paul Wu

Country  UNHCR

Year of production  2019

Runtime  32min

In the spring of 2018, about 500 Yemeni refugees arrived in Jeju, South Korea, after fleeing from their war-torn homeland. Jung Woo-sung follows the footsteps of a long journey that some of these refugees made to find a safer life in Korea. From Yemen to neighboring Djibouti, from Djibouti to Malaysia, and finally to Korea, why did these families have to keep wandering? This is the story of people who had to give up everything to find safety and start a new life in a strange land which they now consider their second home.

The Unforgotten

Director  Paul Wu

Country  UNHCR

Year of production  2018

Runtime  23min

Hoda, a nine-year-old living in Hasansham camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) at the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, has a hearing problem. Yet she did not hesitate to communicate with the outside world and strangers from a strange country, deeply touching the hearts of visitors. Director Paul Wu revisited the camp again a few months later, reconnecting with Hoda as well as other IDPs with disabilities and their families to explore the desperate situation of more neglected people from support.


Director  Paul Wu

Country  UNHCR

Year of production  2017

Runtime  20min

The Syrian civil war started in March 2011, setting off one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time. The war forced millions of people to leave their home in ruins. Jung Woo-sung goes to Bekaa, a Lebanese city where more than a million refugees live, to visit a family living there and listens to their story. Hassan, who worked as a confectioner in Aleppo, Syria, and his wife, Jurie, live with their three daughters, Rim, Asayel, and 20-day-old Nour in an informal refugee settlement. Their story is just one of the countless stories of refugee families.

Refugee Concert & Event

When: June 15, 2019 (Sat)

Where: KEY HALL , 1F













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